Hello and welcome all, sorry for the bad pun, and happy New Year.  Here’s hoping that 2010 brings all of you everything your hearts desire, and me my creative muse back.  I have a confession to make – this is my first post on my first ever blog.  So please forgive me if I make a bunch of rookie faux-pas, or am just a big ol’ dork.  This blog is partly meant as an internal exercise in self-discipline and creativity, partly as an external forum to eventually offer artwork for sale to the public at affordable prices and with greater variety of choice.

Here’s the basic, in-a-nutshell background:  I am a largely self-taught artist originally from northern California, currently living in Aberdeen, Scotland with my wonderful Scottish beardy-boy of a husband.  I work mainly in acrylic and mixed media and am told I have a special eye for color.  Although I generally love my life here, one thing that did dry up when I moved over was my creative spark/inspiration/mojo… i.e., The Muse decided Scotland was not for her.  I don’t know if this is simply because with wedded bliss came the loss of my artsy angst, or if the boring day-in/day-out of taking care of myself and another person has stifled my time and energy towards anything more interesting.  Perhaps  it’s my itty bitty living space problem, or some other mysterious factor X.  I don’t know, and I’ve spent a lot of money on self-help books and other things meant to reignite the flame to try and figure it out and reverse it, but to no avail.

So there’s my heart on a platter to you, my anonymous public.  This is my New Year’s Resolution, and I hope that 2010 is the year this actually gets off the ground.  My plan of action for finally finding the Muse involves the golden oldie idea of the ‘painting-a-day’ blog.  This will be a challenge in more ways than the obvious – we really do live in a sardine can, and I sadly have no studio,so part of the discipline will be clearing space for myself daily in order to actually sit down and be able to stare at my blank canvas with paint at the ready. Just the thought of that alone exhausts me, I confess.

I hope you will all help me out here, by offering me ideas for paintings you might like to see me attempt, or suggestions you might have for how to make my task easier.  All suggestions are very gratefully appreciated.  If you like what you hopefully eventually will see here, please be sure to tell others who you think might be interested.  Many thanks.

P.S.  The name of this blog comes from the title of a Dead Can Dance song.  It’s a gorgeous song, so I present this blog’s namesake to you here, for your listening pleasure…