When I graduated from high school, my art teacher – upon hearing that I was going to be studying art AND psychology at college – prophecied that I would become an art therapist.

Twelve years later, lost and up a creek about what I wanted to do with my life when I grew up, I started considering art therapy with some seriousness.  As a result, I’ve started volunteering at the local psychiatric hospital’s art therapy unit, working with an outpatient group.  I know it’s crummy and wishy-washy of me, but I still don’t know if it’s right for me or not… what I do know is that it has done more wonders for me and my artistic drive than I have probably done for any of the people at the group.  I feel like I’m cheating, somehow.

For one thing, I’ve started working with mediums I haven’t touched since I was about 13.  Watercolours, for one.  I’d forgotten how difficult but also marvelous they are.  I’m still trying to find my sea-legs with the medium, but I’m having fun experimenting.  Today, unable to get myself to set up the easel, I just pulled out the piece of already-stretched paper I had strapped to the back of one of my boards and had at it.

This is the result…. painting #1 of the 365 day challenge.

Peacock watercolour