So, not that anyone is reading this – and thank goodness for that – but so far my new year’s experiment of updating my site daily has been an epic fail.  But, although the best laid plans of mice and men were to do a painting a day, which I have not done, I have been pretty creative in other ways just about every day since starting this blog.

For one thing, I made some very nice vegan challah loaves using up some of my overripe bananas.  It was this amazing recipe off the Post-Punk Kitchen, with some adjustments (no soy flour, for instance).

Vegan challah loaves

Vegan challah

Yesterday, I crocheted my very first baby hat for a coworker’s new baby girl.  It almost made evil, souless, non-maternal me feel broody, seeing the cute fuzzy ickle pink hat, including pom-pom!  The pom-pom just makes the hat, if I do say so myself.  My first homemade pom-pom too.  Red letter day!

Baby hat

Baby hat with pom-pom

So the point is, I’m going to shamelessly make the excuse that it’s not about painting every day, it’s about feeling creative in some way every day, and so far, the general creativity muse is starting to smile on me again, it would seem… I hope I didn’t just jinx myself there.  Pride cometh, and all that…