Why is this so difficult?

Witness my Victoriana painting, seen here:

Victoriana, in progress

Victoriana, in progress

Notice the curly-q in the bottom right-hand corner?  The original plan for this painting was to get some kind of dark purple velvet or velour to cut into the shape of that swirl pattern, then stick it on, to make it look much like those Victorian flocked wallpapers you see.  When I had the plan, I didn’t think it would prove so difficult, but it has been a real doozy.  I scoured fabric and craft stores on both sides of the pond trying to find some fabric that could work, to no avail.  All the dark purple fabrics I found were too red or too light or too garish.

So then I thought, perhaps I ought to do it properly and actually flock it myself.  I’ve never actually done any flocking before, but I figured it would just be a matter of getting some fibres, and shaking them onto a sticky surface.  Easy peasy.  I found one place online that had dark purple flocking fibres, bought them, THEN stupidly looked up how to go about the process of flocking.  It turns out you have to magnetise the fibres or otherwise charge them so that they stand at 90 degrees to the surface being flocked, which requires a special, expensive machine that propels the fibres at the surface.  I wasn’t prepared to buy a big old gun type gizmo that looked much like something you’d see in Star Trek for tons of moolah just for this one project, so I started looking into places that sell ready-flocked paper that I could just cut out and stick on.

I have been unable to find anyplace that sells this.  I’ve asked friends who work with paper, and all the shops they have recommended have been dead-ends.  I’m about ready to order one of the sci-fi fibre-accelerator 3000s, but am finding it hard to believe that NO one sells just ready-made sheets of flocked purple paper.  Surely scrapbooking enthusiasts or someone like that would be a market for flocked paper, and purple is not that odd a color, is it?

I am also weirded out by the fact that about 90% of people I talk to have no idea what I mean by the word ‘flocking’.  Is it that strange and foreign a thing? Anyway, I have no purpose with today’s post, just needed to vent, and to possibly hope that someone out there might find this post and one day give me the answer I seek, so that I can finish this painting.  One can dream, I suppose.