Well, I felt pretty cruddy today, and didn’t feel like doing anything at all.  Possibly it’s the SAD & January blahs finally breaking through my careful shield of full-spectrum lightbulbs dotted all over our flat, but I just could not be bothered today, not with laundry, not with cooking, not with life, really.

So it’s a minor miracle that I forced myself to get out paints and brushes and pull out a blank canvas.  It’s just a teeny wee thing – maybe 6″ x 9″ – so I thought I would just whip it out in no time, but it actually ended up taking me quite a while.  I just wasn’t feelin’ it tonight, and the bowl especially became my nemesis.  But I think I’ve gotten it to a point that I’m happy enough to stop and down brushes, and that’ll do for today.

It’s not my favorite painting ever, and it certainly didn’t come out how I pictured it in my head originally (I wanted a more kitschy, vintage look), but here it is, today’s painting:



It’s a little boring, so I might come back to this one day and do something artsy to it – stick some stuff on it or something.  For now, it’s a nice little summery still life for a gloomy winter’s day, and that’s fine for today.