Sunday was an interesting day for me. I attempted to enter my first art show, which for a total amateur like me was quite a big deal, even if it was just Inverurie. Yeah, that’s right Inverurie, you’ve just been snubbed! How does it feel?

Because, you see, I ended up being denied entrance into the show.

I kept hearing from everyone about the Inverurie annual art exhibit and how I should enter. So after lots of agonising about the prospect of having to let go of my ‘babies’ and how much I should price them for, I went along to the drop-off day on the way back to Aberdeen from a nice Saturday with the in-laws in Keith, and first of all got confused about where I was supposed to drop off the work because the Gordon Forum’s website is ridiculous. It says to watch that space for information, but they never updated it. I don’t know how everyone else got their info – perhaps word of mouth? So I went to where their website said they were based – Gordon House. But this is a council house, and was shut. Luckily a friend said it was at the town house (which I thought was the council house, but no, it’s a different building). So we finally found the place, enquired and were told that I had to string my paintings for hanging. I’d wondered, but the hubster said he thought that was something they took care of. Apparently not, because we had to go find a hardware store to buy some D-rings and string and then sat down on a park bench and strung my two paintings, ghetto-stylee (“Silver & Gold”, and “Underwater”). Then we trotted back, filled out labels, accidentally attached the wrong labels to the wrong paintings, had to redo them, and FINALLY…. I went to enter the paintings. Only to be told that they don’t take people who live in Aberdeen. Only AberdeenSHIRE.

Perhaps if they’d update their website, and if phoning them didn’t take you to some anonymous person in the council only tangentially related to the arts who only read you half the pamphlet, I would have known that ahead of time. But I’m not bitter.

It was a good learning experience. I just wish I had been less nervous and fumbly at the time so I could have been more aware of my surroundings, maybe looked at some of the other work. Not sure we’ll get out to the exhibit next weekend now, although a friend (hi Jane!) has some work in it, so would like to. Need to think more seriously about things like framing, making some prints of stuff before selling the originals, and pricing before I really start exhibiting and being serious about this stuff, I guess.

Anyway, I have been working on a new painting. It’s a massive one that I prepped the board for ages ago. It’s intended to go into our bathroom to color up its blah whiteness a bit – on sealed board instead of canvas for that reason.

Atlantis Olive

Atlantis Olive - in progress

I’m not entirely sure what direction I’m going in with this. All I really started with was a nebulous concept of a tree and a sort of gold and turquoise color motif. It’s morphed into a sort of Mediterranean-inspired clifftop viewpoint, but I’d like to incorporate some kind of mosaic-like something into it. Not sure yet how I’ll do that – with actual mosaic tiles or paint or beads or all of the above. We shall see. For now, the white is glue that has yet to dry, to give it some texture.