So, I really should have been working on my still life, because the flowers are wilting and the berries and lemons are going soft, but I’ve postponed it for now; just couldn’t face it today. But I did want to do something, so I pulled out the set of sparkly new pointy crayons I bought and tried out a picture I’d been toying with for a while. The photograph was, ahem, borrowed off Google. I’ll give credit where credit’s due because it’s a gorgeous photograph by a Dutch photographer, Jaap Hart, and I found it really inspiring. It reminds me of a trip we took to Amsterdam and surrounds last May that was just beautiful and I fell in love with the Netherlands then.

Anyway, I’ve just remembered the technique of watercolors over wax and have been wanting to try it out again. So today I did, with this photograph.

Here’s the result:

Dutch Field

Dutch Field

I’m not quite happy with the trees in the background, it’s not conveying that sense of foggy early morning mist that’s in the photograph, but I think it’s working all right with the flowers. I think it could be made better overall, but it was fun nonetheless. And drawing with crayons and painting with watercolors seriously gave me deja vu to first grade! 🙂 I really love the smell of crayons. Pity I don’t have the gargantuan box I used to have as a kid. It had periwinkle; I love periwinkle.