After a rough start to the background, I think I’m finally liking the new painting I’m working on.  This is going to be a mixed media painting which will eventually have collage elements to it.  There will be 3 parrots eventually too.  I couldn’t get a decent photo of this that was sharp and didn’t have glare from the flash, so I apologize for the blurry image, but you get the gist at least.  This is in progress.

I’m happy to be getting back to bright colors, honestly.  The more muted palette, while more fitting maybe to my new surroundings, does not feel right to me.  This painting is giving me an excuse to pull out all the brightest colors imaginable.  It’s ace!

I had wanted to do another sky painting today, actually, but I couldn’t find an inspiring enough photograph so decided to work on this instead.  I would eventually like to build up a whole series of small sky paintings – perhaps for a solo show someday?  One can dream…

Poly-Polly (WIP)

Poly-Polly (work in progress)