Well, thank you everyone who helped vote for selections for the Aberdeen Artists’ Society show entries, and for all the encouraging comments along the way.  Unfortunately, I received word yesterday that neither of my paintings were accepted, so I will sadly be going to pick up my paintings this weekend from the lovely storage crate where they’ve chucked all the rejects like so much rubbish… but I’m not bitter ;).

I’ll admit, I’m pretty disappointed, it is a kick to the ego.  But after a small mourning period, I do plan to get back into the saddle and try something new.  What exactly, I’m not sure of yet, but if at first you don’t succeed… and all that jazz. I’ve taken some of that sadness and already started to put it to use in some creative endeavors just to cheer myself up some.

Sedna (WIP 1)

Sedna (WIP 1)

When I was in college, I was obsessed with Nordic/Arctic everything.  I took a ton of classes on Scandinavian and Arctic mythology and culture.  One of my favorite courses was a class on Inuit and Sami mythology, and it was in this class that I learned the tale of Sedna the Sea Witch.  It quickly became my favorite legend of all time.  I don’t know what it is about that story, but it’s stuck with me.  There’s something about the betrayal and loneliness and sadness of it that really speaks to me. 

Anyway, I’ve meant for a long time to do something artistic centering on this story.  I started writing a story, which is basically a retelling of the myth, and I’m enjoying writing it for my own benefit, even if it never sees the light of day.  I also started a drawing which I intend to eventually embellish with watercolor and ink and who knows what else.

I figure right now is a good time to get back in touch with creative work I want to do just for myself. I can’t, after all, influence what others think of my work, I can only do what I love for the sake of the joy it brings me in and of itself. Love and light.