Recently I joined the lovely folks over at Wet Canvas, one of the major online forums out there for artists. I was trying to get more serious about my art and wanted to meet some fellow artists and form a network I could draw on in my attempt to get going with things.

One of the artists I’ve made the acquaintance of through this is Yevgenia Watts, who’s a wonderful watercolorist. I’m addicted to her stuff and recently bought one of her ACEO paintings. I’d expressed interest in the surface material (I know there’s a better word for this but it’s escaping me just now…) she uses frequently for her watercolors, Yupo, because it creates an interesting flowy, marbly look I hadn’t seen before in watercolors, and I had somehow managed to never hear about it before. It turns out it’s a plastic-coated synthetic paper, which means when you try to paint on it with watercolors, the paints slide all over the place as they please. So it’s a little harder to control than with normal watercolor papers.

When Yevgenia sent me the painting I bought, she kindly included a little piece of blank Yupo for me to try out. I have been a bit too afraid to try it, until today, when I thought, hey, you learn something new every day, why not give it a go?

And it was unpredictable in a slightly maddening way, but at the same time, I really enjoyed painting on it. I’m not sure you can tell what this is even supposed to be a picture of, but I kind of like that about it, it’s a lot freer and less exact than a lot of my paintings. So, yes, I had a blast trying it out today, and thanks, Yevgenia, for sending me that sample. I think I’ll definitely do more of this in the future. Only trouble now is finding a source for Yupo over here in Aberdeen.

Bowl Full of Cherries

Bowl Full of Cherries

I also wrote today. A lot. I just woke up this morning and started writing a scene in the middle of my book that I felt like writing about and it just started pouring out. I wrote about four or five pages, I think, which, given that I usually manage about a paragraph at a time in any given day, is quite the red letter day.

So all in all, it’s been a really productive, good day. Except for the bit where I downed tools and watched ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.’ Boy, was that ever depressing. Good story, but wow… I feel in need of some comedy now.