Find me on Folksy

I have officially opened shop on Folksy! (For those in the US, it’s the UK version of Etsy. I do plan on opening up an Etsy shop soon too, this is only the beginning!)

Well, it’s maybe not quite a grand opening yet, but I’ve listed five small original paintings for sale today! Can you tell I’m super excited? I am going to go bouncing off walls going, ‘Yip, Yip, Yip!’ any minute now. Well, no, not really. But it is sort of nerve-wracking when you push the ‘List Item’ button finally and realise it’s up there for the world to see now, and there’s the possibility that someone could buy them!

There was a little hiccup with the larger paintings I meant to put up as well because the box I got for packaging turned out to be just ever so slightly too small, and I need to get the right packaging together to accurately estimate shipping costs. I am still a bit flummoxed by how to figure out shipping if someone buys more than one item, but I’ll cross that bridge IF I ever get to it, I think.

I have found an apparently good UK-based online printer that can do giclee prints for me as well, so I will be sending them a CD of my scans soon and get some test prints done, and then I’ll hopefully be able to offer some prints as well! Wow.

It was definitely strange to see my paintings up there on the front page of the art section with all the other sellers…

Anyway, that is my news for the day. Nothing may come of it, but it feels good to be doing this anyway. I’ve come a long way already since I made my New Year’s Resolution in December of last year to get my mojo back and get crackin’ with promoting my art. I’m just so grateful and glad and relieved that my resolution is actually being lived up to somewhat, instead of falling by the wayside like so many resolutions past.