Well, my pal’s birthday is past, so I can share the painting I gave her as a pressie. It’s this one (5″ x 7″, acrylic, metallic powder and sequins on canvas):

Peacock Bouquet

Peacock Bouquet

Yes, I know. Worth the wait, eh? 😉 Ah well, I figured a little bit of mystery and intrigue couldn’t hurt.

No other real news. We are in the throes of home improvement around here so that’s taken up a lot of my time lately, getting ready to let workmen into our horrid little sardine can of a flat… I am terrified they’ll take one look and burst into hysterical laughter, or worse yet, tears, but needs must… It has to be done. We can no longer open our windows, they’re so rotted through, and they leak when it rains, so it’s an unavoidable necessity now, really. Such is life.

In amongst tidying and cleaning today, I do plan on getting a CD put together of all my prints to ship away to an online printer so that I can start offering prints on my shop(s)! So hopefully soon I’ll be able to offer a super-affordable option to anyone who’d like some of my artwork. Exciting times. Stay tuned… Same bat time, same bat channel.