I was off work sick today. I have a cold starting and felt acky and still do, although I think that unless something changes I might be okay to go back to work tomorrow – we’ll see. I have a whole week off next week (hoorah!), so should really go in and take care of some last minute stuff tomorrow.

Given that I had zero energy, setting up my easel and paints was just beyond comprehension today so I picked up my sketchbook instead and went back to my Sedna drawing. I had intended just to add another animal or two and then go to bed, but it became sort of a mission with me to finish this drawing finally! So, at 10PM, exhausted, sore-throaty & headachy, I finally finished my Sedna drawing.

Sedna (Done 1)

Sedna (Done 1)

My plans for it are that I’m going to get prints made so that I can mess about with some watercolors etc without fear of ruining the original. I would like to see this in some color, but want to keep the original as is, just in case.

If anyone else draws, how do you prevent the graphite from getting all over the side of your hand and fingers and hence back on the drawing? My drawings always end up so smudgy! Is this normal? One of the guys at art therapy does a lot of pencil drawings and his stuff never seems to smudge, I don’t get it…

Anyway, I’m knackered and just want my bed now, so I’m away for this evening. Night night.