I am homesick. It’s part and parcel of the whole expat experience, though luckily with time it’s become less frequent. I love Scotland – witness my previous patriotic entry – but sometimes I miss being somewhere where I don’t stick out like a sore thumb every time I open my mouth, where the weather is still summery, where the words aren’t littered with unnecessary u’s, the Mexican food is good and sourdough bread is widely available and divine, the land of moist cake, mixer taps and good dryers!! (Whew. I needed that rant. 😉 ) And of course it’s where my parents are. It will always be home, even if I’m comfortably settled in the UK, which I am.

I’ve had a picture in my inspiration folder for a while now from some other time when I was pining for the fjor… I mean, Bay Area. It caught my attention because it is a picture of the Zoetrope building in San Francisco, which is my favorite building in SF, which is in North Beach, my favorite part of SF, and super duper colorful. I’ll give credit where it’s due, the reference photo is an amazing photo by Robin Godfrey.

I started painting it in acrylic on canvas a while ago, but I haven’t been happy with it and it’s stood unfinished for a long time now. So today I looked at it again, sighed wistfully and wished I was in California, and then thought, hey! Why not try out my new favorite things in the world – my watercolor pencils – instead?

So I did. And I like the result. I think I’ll scrap the acrylic painting and use the canvas for something else.



Please note, I will sell this painting in exchange for a loaf of fresh, chunky San Francisco sourdough. I think I’d sell my soul for that right about now… *sigh*