It snowed yesterday and immediate chaos ensued.  Ah, gotta love that British total inability to deal with snow – and this from a Californian!  It doesn’t help that our council is broke and can’t afford grit so that it ended up being down to the Indian takeaway shop owners across the street to go out and salt the sidewalks and the street!  Way to go, Big Society.  There’s your community volunteerism at work! 😉

Anyway.  As the California girl that I am, I was giddy about it, as I am every year, for the first few hours.  I don’t think there’s anything I like better in this world than watching a huge flurry of big, fat flakes falling down.  I made myself dizzy at work today looking out the window into the sky – it was a bit like those Magic 3D picture things, where you stare into the static and try to find the hidden dinosaur or dolphins when your eyes finally focus in just the right way… I am also not ashamed to say it, but I did a little happy dance.  I love snow.

I do not love the aftermath of snow however, and I am positively dreading tomorrow morning when all that slush has refrozen into sheet ice and I somehow have to get to work in that.  Cars were sliding every whichway tonight, even before it had had a chance to freeze into a hard, flat, glassy surface, imagining what tomorrow will be like.  I can’t decide whether to get my darling husband to give me a lift and risk the car sliding into something else, or to walk and risk falling on my head.  Ah, choices, choices…  But it sure is pretty!

And in honor of the winter arriving full force, I have done a watercolor of a snowy Aberdeenshire scene.  I haven’t done a real watercolor in quite some time and I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’m pleased overall with the outcome, even if my husband picked it apart afterwards…

Snow & Bennachie

Snow & Bennachie