Frosty Lane

Trees - season unknown...

I’m starting off this post with a couple questions for anyone reading this, I’ll explain after.  Please take the polls before reading on.  Thanks.


Now, this painting is my rendition of a photograph taken by another American expat, Kelli Hughes, of a frosty street near where she lives in England.  I tried and tried, and no matter what I did, I could not get the look of the frost and light right.  I’m disappointed.  I think it looks a lot more like cherry trees in bloom in Spring, which is fine, except that wasn’t what I was going for.

Also, my husband doesn’t like the bottom half of the painting.  As the original photo was taken in the morning (I think), the light is low and therefore the street is very shadowy.  I quite liked this about it, I thought the top was quite busy and it needed a sort of calm bottom half, although I was hoping for a little more color variation there, and I think I may go back and try to work in some more tones of color in there, but still leaving it pretty blank.  There is actually a little more variation in the color in real life; it was just really hard to get a good photograph of this because I was using a lot of metallic gold/bronze hues in this to give it that low light quality.  But I think I like it pretty plain like it is.  But maybe that’s just me being arty and too avant-garde about it…

I also did another watercolor, but I’m not happy with this one.  I wasn’t really in control of this one, and I don’t like it overall.  But I’ll post it anyway, as I really ought to post everything, as this is a diary of all my creative endeavors, not just the ones that don’t bomb.

Cherry Spill

Cherry Spill, watercolor on paper

And lastly, I have found the perfect muffin recipe: cranberry & white chocolate.  Although, I think next time I might replace all the oil with applesauce instead of the half that I did and use a bit less butter in the crumble topping because it turned out slightly too greasy at the bottoms.  But still, oh my, these are to die for.  Cranberry and white chocolate, a marriage made in heaven…

Cranberry &white chocolate muffins

Cranberry &white chocolate muffins