My grad school application has kept me away from the easel for a while now, but there comes a time when you just can’t stare at the words anymore and you need to do something else. I really really really needed to paint. The application still needs some tweaking, but that’s what Sundays are for…

Anyway, this is for this month’s Virtual Paintout, location: Cape Town, South Africa. It’s just a small wee thing, but I had fun embellishing it with some little gold beads and getting paint to run down in drips, etc.

It’s been really pleasant virtually meandering the area; Cape Town has some really stunning mountains and oh my, the sunshine… It does this California girl good to see some of that again. Because it sure as heck isn’t around these parts just now. We have sleet and snow here. Oh the joys… Here’s the Google reference.

Signal Hill Rd., Cape Town, South Africa

Signal Hill Rd., Cape Town, South Africa

And also, because I think everyone could use some cheering up these days, here’s a happy song I can’t get enough of. Enjoy: