This will just be a short post, just a little show-and-tell of another drawing/painting I did recently. I have only recently returned from a 2-week holiday home to California. I took my sketchbook with me thinking, again mistakenly, that I would have the time and inspiration to draw and paint on vacation – never happened…. with the exception of one watercolor pencil drawing, inspired not by my surroundings, but from a photograph one of my Facebook friends (Saori Kuroda, a woman I met in grade school and who now lives in Japan) posted on Facebook. Such is the nature of inspiration… I loved the way the water rippled and the muted mossy greens.

Might I also take this opportunity to remind people that I have some prints for sale on all three of my shops – EtsyFolksyRedBubble – for which I donate 60% to the Japanese Red Cross’ Earthquake/Tsunami relief fund. It may be out of the news these days, but is definitely still a major problem in Japan… I have extended the offer through June, so please consider this option if you like any of the prints this applies to (Black Cherry, Snow on Bennachie, and Bamboo Forest – and I will add prints of the above picture as well, as soon as I get it scanned). Thank you.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden (from photo by Saori Kuroda)