Hello again to anyone who’s still with me… As usual, life has gotten in the way. Since my soul-destroying job hunt which plunged me into a bit of a depression, life has got a bit crazy. I did finally get a job, researching creativity!!!!, but it necessitated a move to England… So my art fell by the wayside for a while, while I moved house and dealt with being in a new place and working a new job. Which is actually perfect for me, by the way… I get to do psych research on creativity, but within an art department. Dream come true!

Anyway, I’ve finally taken some inspiration from my art department work environment and I have started a project now in the run-up to Christmas to get me back into the creative saddle. I decided to give an app I installed on my Galaxy Note tablet ages ago another try and discovered that it’s actually really great for drawing. I haven’t drawn in years… so I felt rusty. But drawing on a tablet is really not that different than on paper and it has some nice features that make it superior to paper drawing, like quick erasing/clear, and better blending options. The Galaxy Note S-Pen stylus is fab – pressure sensitive and feels like you’re really using a pencil.

The first drawing I attempted was a portrait of Obama. It did not go well and will never see the light of day, unless I give it another go and it gets heaps better… But the second drawing I tried was of Bernie Sanders, which turned out much better. I hadn’t really intended to turn it into a series, but then I started thinking, I should pick up the discipline that I tried to self-impose at the start of this blog, and do some art every day. At least until Christmas. I can manage one drawing a day till Christmas, surely. So it kind of morphed into a sort of Portrait Advent Calendar – drawing a portrait a day of someone I like or admire or find inspirational (some more serious than others 😉 ) until Christmas – I started a little late for it to be a true advent calendar, but you get the gist. I figure with the news being so full of stories about heinous people doing evil things, we (I) need a reminder that not all people are bad, and there are people who restore my faith in humanity. I need that especially right now as I am feeling like such a Scrooge this Christmas season! I’m lacking in merry and bright at the moment.

So far I have only done four portraits. Actually, there’s a fifth, but it’s going to be someone’s Christmas present, so I’m not sharing that one. I’ll update again once I’m done, with the complete set. But for now, here’s a teaser…

Bernie Sanders drawing by G. Cseh

Day 1: Bernie Sanders

Jane Goodall drawing by G. Cseh

Day 2: Jane Goodall

Dalai Lama drawing by G. Cseh

Day 3: HH the Dalai Lama

Columbo drawing by G. Cseh

Day 4: (Peter Falk as) Columbo

And because it’s becoming tradition now, I’ll share a song I listened to a lot while I was drawing as these kinds of driving instrumental electronic songs are good for getting into the flow…