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Well, it didn’t really turn into a very disciplined portrait-a-day sort of thing, because the run-up to Christmas was a bit mental and life got in the way. But I did go several more pictures, including one that wasn’t a portrait… because I needed a break from faces. So here’s the final set of images. I’m considering getting back to it and doing some more soon actually. Most of these drawings are now available as prints on my Etsy shop.

*** Oh, please note: If you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter (as I clearly am), I’m running a donation scheme on that portrait – I’m donating $10 from every sale of his portrait directly to his campaign, for as long as he’s running. Feel free to spread the word 🙂 ***










This is where I got tired of faces…


….Aaaaand then I was back in the portrait saddle.



And here’s my latest musical obsession, because it’s now tradition to end on that note. It gives me the same feel as a John Hughes ’80s film. It makes me want to watch the Breakfast Club or something. In fact, I think I might just go do that. And then maybe do some more drawing! That is how I party on a Saturday night, folks… 😉

Hi, remember me?

The prevailing excuse for why I haven’t updated the blog anywhere nearly as frequently as I once did is that grad school took over my life.  It turns out that to get a PhD you actually have to do quite a lot of work.  Go figure.  Anyway, although I got through the first year okay, I also ended up rather depressed, and I’ve therefore decided that I need to make a greater effort to balance my psychology work with my artwork a bit better.  All work and no play makes Genevieve a dull girl…

In that spirit, I’ve decided to do a few little art projects alongside setting up psychology experiments, for my sanity’s sake.

First off, one of the artists I follow on Facebook, Shanon Playford, has started a project recently, where she makes a bunch of handmade postcards and then sends them to a batch of random Facebook followers.  A very generous, cool idea, and I was lucky enough to make it into the first group, and am currently eagerly awaiting my present!  I promised Shanon that I would return the favor and send her a postcard from Scotland. I almost chickened out and sent her some ready-made but amusing Scottish tourist tack, something like this perhaps, but decided that was really unfair, and that I should make the effort to send her something handmade, as she is doing for me.  I gave it a whirl today, and although I started out planning on only doing one design, I got a bit carried away and ended up doing five.  You know, in case the first one was crap, I’d have another shot or four at getting something halfway decent to send to her; it also gives Shanon a choice.


5 Postcards (all together)



Postcard 1 (Fence Through the Glen)


Postcard 2 (Moody Glen with Heather)

Postcard 2 (Moody Glen with Heather)


Postcard 3 (Great Glen)

Postcard 3 (Great Glen)


Postcard 4 (Harris Beach)

Postcard 4 (Harris Beach)


Postcard 5 (Standing Stones at Callanish, Lewis)

Postcard 5 (Standing Stones at Callanish, Lewis)


I’m not sure what I’ll do with the others… I may “borrow” Shanon’s idea, if she doesn’t mind, and do a giveaway for my Facebook “followers”, if anyone’s interested.  I’m not sure though if the interest is there, or whether I’ll really have the time to do very many more, as grad school gets started again in earnest.  But if people express interest, it’s something I might do… Or if someone has any other ideas, I’d love suggestions.  Not feeling very creative at the moment!

In The Walls 2 (WIP)

In The Walls 2 (WIP)

The other project I’ve got in the works is entering a couple paintings into this year’s winter exhibition at local art gallery/group, Peacock.  They’re a doing a selection panel this year though, so who knows if anything of mine will actually end up displayed, but I thought I’d give it a go nonetheless.  They have a theme this year – grotto.  I had a look to see if any of my existing stuff would fit the theme – the only thing I could think of was my In The Walls painting, but that was too large to fit their A4 size limit.  So I figured I’d do another version of it for the show.  I’d always kind of wanted to revisit it with black ink to see if it gave it a more dramatic feel, and now I’ve got the ink to try it out.  I have started.  I’m finding – as I did with the last version – the stones problematic.  But I will persevere… This is a work in progress.

Not sure what I will do for my second allotted work.  I am thinking something in acrylic, possibly underwater.  We shall see… Stay tuned.

It’s exciting times for me… because I’m going to be entering paintings in my first two exhibitions this summer! I finally joined some local art groups – the Forecourt Art Group and Limousine Bull – and have been accepted to exhibit at both of their upcoming group exhibitions! The Forecourt summer exhibition will be August 5th – 28th at the Peterculter Heritage Hall. The Limousine Bull themed show, which is part of the annual NEOS (North East Open Studios) region-wide art event, runs 10th – 18th September. I’m quite geekily excited, as you can probably tell 🙂 These are, after all, my very first exhibitions, if you don’t count school.

help wanted sign

Now, here’s the part where I ask for your help, my dear, lovely readers. The Limousine Bull exhibition has a theme this year of ‘tbc’. I have decided to draw on my psychology background and turn it into something psycholinguistic and interactive, and the project as a whole is to be called ‘Linguistic Rorschach’. I don’t want to give too much away about the reasoning behind my project so that it doesn’t play a role in your contributions… Suffice it to say that the first part of it requires input from you guys, the general public reading my blog:

I need you to think on the letters ‘tbc’ and what they mean to you. What springs to mind? Free associate if you like, write haiku, limmericks, is it a bizarre acronym?, a masonic code?, anything that you can think of that you can associate with ‘tbc’ and let me know – you can comment here, send me an email at genevieve at gcseh dot com or leave me a message on Facebook or Twitter. I’m open to any and all impressions; there are no wrong answers, just brainstorm like mad.

I will then choose 4 of the impressions from you to turn into paintings, which will be exhibited at the Limousine Bull exhibition. I won’t give your name (unless you want me to), so feel free to go wild ;).

As a further incentive for your help, I’m offering a free print of your choice from my Etsy or Folksy shops to those people whose ideas I choose. Each person can submit up to 10 ideas/interpretations, and I will choose on July 12th. So get submitting! Thank you in advance for your help!!

MTA: Because this was my first reaction, my husband’s first reaction, and now a couple other people’s reactions…. no, TBC isn’t just a placeholder for an actual theme still to come, it is the actual theme. I didn’t make it up 😉 I suspect that might have been how the theme started out though…

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