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I started this fine Saturday with a dark cloud over my head after being rudely awoken by my own annoying psyche very early from an awful dream where I was inhaling a bowl full of green mould (ew).  As a consequence I woke up feeling queasy and grouchy.  I then made the cardinal sin of reading the comments section under some posts on Facebook and was finding the cloud over my head growing bigger and blacker while I witnessed more and more people being wrong on the internet.

Fed up, I decided today was a day for art self-therapy.  I’d been meaning to do some animal paintings for a while now, and had been thinking about an elephant one in particular of late.  I found a picture from my giant reference folder of an elephant going doolally in a fountain or waterfall that instantly cheered me up.  You can’t look at this picture without smiling.  Go on, I dare you, just try.

I love listening to music while I paint – I think it helps me get into the flow better.  I can get quite obsessive about my music selection and I often make myself a new playlist every time, depending on what I feel like listening to that day.  But today I couldn’t be bothered, so I went for the classic fallback option – ’80s music.  I pretty much love anything that came out in the ’80s so it’s pretty easy to just tune into any ’80s radio station and I’m in nostalgia heaven.  Speaking of which, have you all seen the trailer for this little independent mini film homage to the ’80s – Kung Fury?  It’s apparently been around on Kickstarter for a couple years now while it was being produced, but I only recently discovered it.  The full film comes out for free on YouTube May 28th, and I cannot wait!  It’s hilariously chockablock with every ’80s trope there ever was.  Anyway, my soundtrack to this painting session was a bunch of ’80s songs, and it was a pure joy.  I was as happy as this elephant with its shower. 🙂

Joy elephant painting


And here’s an appropriate ’80s song to go with it…

Some days, like today, just call for enjoying the simple things in life…. some good tunes and funny animal pictures and painting.  Pure bliss!   Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend and enjoying the simple things too 🙂

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